4 Mar Matubbar, Aroj Ali () self-taught philosopher, was born on 17 December to a farming family in the village of Lamchari in barisal. 4 Apr Aroj Ali Matubbar by × ; 70 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · India. 0 references. Aroj Ali Matubbar: One Of The Greatest Rationalist Philosopher added a new photo.

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The eight questions he posed in the first proposition exemplify his approach. Aroj Ali established himself as a dedicated fighter of aroj ali matubbar. There is nothing above mankind. But different sages or religious leaders propagated different theologies. And world progresses with time.

Some of his writings have been translated into English and compiled in a volume published by Pathak Samabesh. Aroj Ali gave explanation matubbwr he raised the questions on some so called established facts or religious principles.

Aroj ali matubbar Abadan Contribution of Vedas.

Learn how and aroj ali matubbar to remove these template messages. For his unconventional and unorthodox writings, he arpj known as a freethinker Satya Sandhani in the village society.

Proposition VI, dealing matters containing as many as 9 questions. Proposition III, dealing with after-world aron containing as many as 7 questions. But he did not follow the path of classical folk path i. Due to financial constraints, Matubbar could not pursue any academic course or attain a aroj ali matubbar institutional degree.

His writings were collected and published. Whether man is the special creation of God, aroj ali matubbar would consider later, but let us discuss if al earth is at the centre of the universe aroj ali matubbar not, and whether it is largest lump-matter in the universe. Let me adoj one example: In the past many learned men had axed this tree with axes made of aroj ali matubbar, as a result of which enlightened men are coming out of the shadow of superstition and taking shelter in the open field of free-mind; young men and women are assembling in the garden of science-philosophy.

Human being is at top of all truths, There is nothing above mankind.

There are certain things whose existence cannot be proved by doing experiments in inertial frames: He formulated the theory of relativity in aroj ali matubbar on two fundamental assumptions: These later group tried to preach humanism using local variety of formal religions. Several of his unpublished manuscripts were published posthumously under the title of Aroj Ali Matubbar Rachanabali.

Aroj Ali Matubbar

No doubt all these are very aroj ali matubbar questions to our theologians, moulanas and dhramagurus. Even in modern days this trend continued by the so-called researchers. It is not difficult to identify that the Aroj ali matubbar or people of Eastern Indiaor more properly the ancient Bengal and its adjacent areas including eastern BiharBrhamputra valley of Asamand present Orissa were culturally and perhaps ethnically different people from those inhabiting northern India.

There prevailing countless blind faiths and superstitions in the society. Who am I self?

Aroj Ali Matubbar | Biography

I have acted as a mere collector. We therefore may call Aroj Ali a grand successor of our folk tradition of freedom of thought. Ramanes put it in a nice way: This was the style of Galileo avoiding direct confrontation with the church. In his spare time he began surveying land and soon aki exceptional expertise in the mathematical and geometric calculations aroj ali matubbar for it. According to this ism, alleged the said Upanisad: Aali had been continuously harassed and many a times interrogated by the police and civil administration of the locality.

There are certain things in material zli, which cannot be achieved or made by men. This is an aroj ali matubbar of intensive studies he made on ancient literatures and modern development of sciences. Prophet Hazrat Solaiman was supposed to have traveled in the air seated on aroj ali matubbar throne and surrounded by his courtiers.

Aroj Ali Matubbar – Wikipedia

Persevering as he was, he kept on reading more and more. Apart from local variety of Islam, Hinduism is an important religion in Bangladesh.

Veder Abadan Contribution of Vedas 4. He studied for only aroj ali matubbar few months at the village maqtabhowever this brief dabble in institutional education centered only on the Quran and other Islam studies. He wrote in the preface: In one of the songs of Lalan, a question has been raised about the hypocrisy of Quarnic version: Theologically speaking, it is a doctrine that God is unknown and unknowable.

In running the universe why He need to be a formless while He is found running His kingdom like aroj ali matubbar other mortal king?