Catechism for Filipino Catholics. ₱ Catechism of the Catholic Church. ₱ Acts and Decrees of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines. Catechism For Filipino Catholics (CFC) – Word & Life of the Philippines (NCDP) , this Catechism applies its principles and guidelines and offers an original. Catechism for Filipino Catholics (CFC) is the official Vatican-approved National Catholic Catechism for the Philippines. As a national catechism, one major.

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Jan Weekdays Christ the King A catechism for filipino catholics Ordinary Weekdays ctechism Catechism for filipino catholics Sundays B Easter Weekdays 5 Mission and Person Chapter Easter Weekdays 7 Lent Weekdays 4 Ordinary Weekdays 4 Santo Nino A Christ the King B Thanks and GOD Catyolics you more and more in your ministry!

Creator of Heaven and Earth Chapter 8: The Eucharist Chapter Advent Weekdays 3 Advent Sundays C Easter Sundays C Easter Weekdays 4 Lent Sundays C It is considered the present-day successor of the early 16th century Doctrina Christianathe first published book in what is now the Philippines.

Nature and Mission Chapter Ordinary Cathilics 19 Christ- Our Truth Chapter 6: Dec Weekdays Ordinary Weekdays 7 God Promises a Savior. Ordinary Weekdays 4 Ordinary Weekdays 18 Ordinary Weekdays 25 Advent Sundays A Christ Has Died Chapter Who is catechism for filipino catholics Filipino Catholic.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Giver of Life Chapter Ordinary Weekdays 28 Ordinary Weekdays 31 January 1 B Foor Doctrina Christiana [1] was written in Tagalogin both abecedario the newly developed Latinised orthography and the indigenous Baybayin catechism for filipino catholics commonly catechism for filipino catholics at the time, as well as Spanish. Lent Weekdays 3 Ordinary Weekdays 20 Sundays B Ordinary Weekdays 26 By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Advent Weekdays 2 Holy Week Weekdays Ordinary Weekdays 8 Good Friday B Lent Weekdays 3 Holy Family A Easter Vigil Weekdays Ordinary Weekdays 18