The Torch of Perpetual Guidance, an Exposé on Ziyarat Ashura of al-Imam this supplication is referred to as Du’a Alqamah named after the companion of. A site about ziaraat of Muslim religious sites with details, pictures, nohas, majalis and qasidas. Spreading the true religion of Allah, Wilayat e Ali (asws). Dua Alqamah. Dua to be recited after the recitation of Ziarat Ashura. Alqamah said that Imam Baqir.

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To You is my complaint and You are the Besought for help. So, please relieve me in the same way as You did to him. Surah Baqarah Part 2. I take advantage O my leader, O Ameerul Momineen, O my friend to whom I have surrendered, body and soul, and you O Abaa Abdullah, O my leader, and pay respects with love and affection, dua e alqama, till do not carry embracing days and nights, closely embracing it, to you, if Allah so wills, without ever being separated, in your names I beseech Him, that He wills it and does it because verily it is He who alone is praised, and he brings about beautiful things.

O He who reaches and takes hold of everything that tries to escape! He therefore went to the market of the blacksmiths dua e alqama ask about the man whose wife had recently died, because he had no familiarity with that man. O my Allah let contemptible disgrace stick like a leech on the forehead dua e alqama his two eyes, expose him to emptiness in every effort he makes, let wicked inclination, distraction and inactivity cut deep into his body and soul, alqma order that Thou diverts his attention from, me, absorbed in his own pursuits that do not free him to employ himself at another, make him think no more of me as he has willfully neglected dua e alqama forgotten Thee, take away from me aqlama throw overboard dua e alqama attention, interest, communication, influence, support, and perverted thinking every dya he commits or draws it on himself, let everything he does go waste, defective and incomplete, and do not give any letup so that he is kept fully preoccupied and dua e alqama no s to pay attention to me or think of me.

Almighty Allah Himself should accept his visitation, grant dua e alqama his requests whatever they would be, and respond to his prayers. O He who is equal to and can do anything instead of another in the matters concerning all things; and nothing, in the heavens alqxma the earth, can be out of the reach of or is free from His hold. O Dua e alqama who gives answer to the cries of the persecuted! I have this question which is bothering me for 2 weeks now. May Allah condemn and damn the family of Ziyaad and the family of Marwaan.

O He who pulls out the grief-stricken from agony and anguish! O my masters, I do desire for both of you and for visiting you. O my Allah let me have a meaningful existence as Muhammad his descendants had lived, and die as they departed from this world, take to and carry out completely their creed; and raise me for the last judgement along with the people dedicated to them, dua e alqama do not cut us in two groupseven for the flash of an eyelid, ever, either in this world or in the life of the hereafter.

I, my father and mother are at your disposal.

Du’a After Ziyarat ‘Ashura – Du’a Alqamah

At the end of the day, a person needs to portray and figure out to whom he is referring in his dua. There is neither might nor power except with Allah. Peace be on dua e alqama, O Abu Abdullah!

Thou art near, ready to avert the danger, no one else, save Thee, is close enough to stand by in the hour of trouble. I request Thee to send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad; and look into the causes of my sorrows, anxieties, burdens, and do away with them, let me be equal to, sufficiently instructed, while dealing with my important enterprises and efforts, and carry out and fulfil my obligations, set me free from dua e alqama clutches of poverty and from the pangs of hunger, let me have enough to live upon, free from the need to turn to others.

O my Allah make me attend to Your cause, sincerely, in every dua e alqama following in Husayn’s footsteps, in this world and the hereafter. So please speak well of dua e alqama because, of course, with Allah your thoughtful judgement is highly credible, your disposition enjoys conclusive preference, your action keeps step with precise acumen, and a sure means of approach to gain His favour. Allahumma ahyinee hayyaata Mohammadin va zurriyyatihim va amitnee mamaatahum va tavaffanee ‘alaa millatihim vahshurnee fee zumratihim va laa tufarriq bainee va bainahum tarfata ‘aynin abadan fiddunyaa val aakhirati yaa Ameeral mu-mineen va yaa.

You were not one of those whom are expected to have righteous inner self and your deeds would bring you nothing but torment and chastisement. Peace be on you, O Abu Abdullah, and on those souls who dua e alqama to your camp to put themselves at your disposal.

– Imam Hussain(a.s.) – Ziarat

I direct myself towards Thee, through them, in my address, through them I try to dua e alqama a hearing, through them I put forward my case to get Thy favours, in their names I make a request to Dka. O Allah, please strike him with humility in the center of his eyes.

O He Who is nearer to me than my life-vein!

May Allah condemn and damn the abettors who instigated and had a part in your murder. He did not quit this process until he died. Unless the book I have has got wrong translation as I always read in English to understand what I am asking.

Make me use my means freely to carry out dua e alqama complete my business or employment, and do anything requisite instead of another, which may make me anxious about my affairs in alqamaa world or the hereafter. May I now leave, O my master, O Commander of the dua e alqama.

O He who liberally satisfies those alqaa solicit His favours!

Dua e alqama Conferrer of demands! Thou dispels the clouds of sorrows, no one else, save Dua e alqama can free the dua e alqama from cares. May Allah not make this pledge of physical and spiritual close association with you both the last fulfilment, and may Allah not separate me and you both from one another. Comes to grief he who relies upon his own friends instead dua e alqama Thee; or looks for his own supporters in place of Thee; frightened, cries for help having some dua e alqama alqaama other than Thee in mind; terrorized, alama away from the danger to a place of escape outside of Thy guaranty, and takes refuge in an asylum not watched over by Thee; and tries to bring himself to a place of safety through the help of created beings, excluding Thee, the Creator.

However, Dua e alqama will mention it in brief: O Allah, please preoccupy him against me. O my Allah, in my on the spot situation, treat me like him or her who obtains from You Your blessings, mercy w forgiveness. O He who effectively support those who make sincere efforts! Thou art near, ready to alqzma the danger, no one else, save Thee, is close enough to stand by in the hour of trouble. O my Allah put an end to the intentions of him who desires to destroy me, outwit him who makes plans, keep off from me his deceit and intrigue, his hostility and fancy, keep me aloof, refusing to have anything to dua e alqama with him, in whatever manner, on any occasion, as Thou wills.

O Grantor of requests! Hence, Archangel Gabriel w these words to the Seal of the Prophets. I come nearer to you both to establish close physical and uda relationship, and thereby seek nearness to Allah, my lord Nourishes and your lord Nourisher, through you I direct myself towards Him, and request you to speak in favour of a,qama immediate at hand needs and wants I have put before Allah. Because all praise is for Thee aloneand also prostration in thankfulness, thou alone listens to complaints, Thou alone is called upon for help.

Alqwma He who comes to help those who shed tears in helplessness! O my Allah, let the curse I call down on the head of the first tyrant stick like a leech; and stay put for ever on the first, then the second, the third and the fourth. O he whom clamorous determined pleading of petitioners d not upset!

I had been placed in the most terrible torture since my death up to yesterday when the wife of Ashraf, the blacksmith, died and was buried in this place.