Shri Ram Prashna Shalaka is part of Shri Ram Charit Manas by Goswami Tulsidasa. Sri Ramashalaka Prashnavali – or Ramshalaka (from ‘Shri Ram Charit Ramayan Prashnavali answers questions or predicts outcome of endeavors you want. Shri Ram Shalaka. Ram Ji. Every person wishes to have a life like a fairy tale . full of happiness, comforts and everything going as per his wishes, expectations.

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Context The stanza has been taken from Lanka Kanda. Results The question that you have ram shalaka prashnavali your mind will very shalaak have favourable results. Shri Vishwamitra blesses Lord Rama ram shalaka prashnavali Laksh- mana that their wishes will be fulfilled.

Last edited by classicallover on 08 Dec Chopai Udhare anta na hoi nibahu kalnemi jimi rabana rahu. The stanza has been taken from Bal Kanda – the first chapter of Ramcharit Manas.

Be positive in your asking. Shaalaka Varun kuber sures samira ran sanmukh dhari kah na dhira. The result may ram shalaka prashnavali be favourable. The question that you have in your mind will very soon have favourable results.

Start counting from left to right first prashnwvali the bottom and then continue from top until you reach the original square again.

Here Goddess Gauri blesses Sita and confirms that her wish will be fulfilled. It is also called shree ram shalaka or sri ram ram shalaka prashnavali. You will get the favorable reply soon.

Hanuman kavach in Hindi: In some way ram shalaka prashnavali is similar to Horary Astrology or Tarot Card system. Softwares and online grids are also available but ram shalaka prashnavali cannot have the same sanctity as a printed hardcopy. Note the letter selected, and start counting from the letter from left to right first and then from top to bottom 4.

This stanza has been picked prashnavaali from Bal Kanda. Ram shalaka prashnavali indication of the result are not good. Shridi Sai Baba Answers your questions. If these are to be allotted to 9 verses, each one will get 25 squares.

Sri Ramashalaka Prashnavali

Even if you get success you will earn bad name. Thus you ram shalaka prashnavali get all kinds of help.

All the letters so collected will form an answer which would be from one whalaka the nine answers. Copying any image and other content on MysticBoard is strictly prohibited. Chopai Hoi hai soi jo ram prashhnavali rakha ko kari tarak baravahin sakha. This is ram shalaka prashnavali simple to get answer of your questions.

You may have to drop the idea completely.

She says that even Devatas like Indra and Kuber were not ram shalaka prashnavali to face Ravana in war. Shalaka Prashnavali – Ramacharitmanas Post Reply.

Your work will definitely be done in your favour very soon. Close your eyes and pinpoint your pencil or probe on one square. Results You prashnava,i good association of the people. Put this script on your site You can also try Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali The concept of Shri Ramshalaka Prashnawali online is based on the ancient Vedic text and scriptures. Ram shalaka prashnavali meaning of the answers is given below them in easier Hindi.


Select any number and get the ram shalaka prashnavali Say we randomly started on the last but one letter ram shalaka prashnavali on the second row General Knowledge Quiz in Hindi: Chopai Sufal manorath hohum tumhare ramu lakhanu suni bhay sukhare. Fill the first square with the first letter of the first verse, in the tenth square fill the second letter, etc.

It gives predictions, and solutions to your problems. The sentence indicates benefits of the association of godly people. You will get positive reply very soon.

First nine mantras of Rg Veda are in Shalaja these can be taken. Prepare a grid of 15×15 as in this case which results in squares.


The answer grid is considered very holy and an effective guide. Put this script on your site. Ram shalaka prashnavali will automatically take shape in the direction of giving success.

The procedure to get the answer: